Me & Ms Jacobs

Primarily, Me & Ms Jacobs showcases the talented Lina Jacobs, who, with her powerful voice and the support of the band in the background, takes listeners on a journey through her life, which moves "somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin" (Neue Presse Hannover, April 21).

Our Biogragphy

Counterculture and Music of Past Generations

Me & Ms Jacobs emerged from a Generation Z musician collective that sees itself as a counter-culture to electronic dance music. Away from autotune aesthetics and electronic frills, the band reflects the music of past generations.

Passionate Songs and Moving Tunes

The songs of Me & Ms Jacobs are passionate, impetuous, and sometimes slightly political. Lead singer Lina embeds her biographical lyrics in a vintage rock and soul-pop sound, with which the band creates an infectious vibe that moves both body and soul.

Retro Groove and Live Feel

The sound of Me & Ms Jacobs is characterized by a driving groove reminiscent of the 60s/70s and expresses the individual live feeling. The band itself describes their style as "a healthy mix of melancholy and rock'n'roll."

Danceable Hits and Soulful Ballads

Their potpourri of danceable, upbeat songs and gentle ballads embodies pure live music and calls to be played on the stages of clubs and festivals worldwide.

Multifaceted Concert Experience

From the complete ensemble including brass to the core band (guitar, bass, drums) and the minimalistic guitar accompaniment, Me & Ms Jacobs guarantees a diverse concert experience that will keep the audience in ecstasy for a long time.

Invitation to the Journey

Lina Jacobs and the band lose themselves in their element when they package their candid and hopelessly honest view of the world into a magnificent, musical, and highly organic cover, inviting everyone to become part of the journey.

Album Release "On the Run"

The album "On the Run" was released on February 24, 2023, while selected singles are released in the weeks leading up to the album launch.

Current Releases and Videos

Under the "Music" section, you will find current releases and videos from Me & Ms Jacobs.